Welcome to Personalized Gifts Inc., We're happy you stopped by to see our wide selection of Personalized Gifts, with your name, photo or digital design. Our wonderful Customized Gifts are sold at the following Online Stores

We have newer websites and prefer you shop on those for updated products.
Personally Yours items are now being sold on www.ThePhotoGift.com
shop newer designs andd products at thephotogift.com

Personalized Bike Plates, ATV Plates and Car Tags are sold on  www.bikepl8s.com
shop our newer website at bikepl8s.com

Although we prefer you shop on our Websites above, we also have an Etsy Shop for those that prefer a mall type setting.  PersonalizedByYouCo on Etsy Logo

Although these sites still appear online (and you may have previously shopped here) They're not updated.  All New Designs and available products are on our websites above. 

(However, if you don't see one of our designs or products on the newer sites, it might just be that we haven't had the chance to put them up yet. - Most of the designs from our older sites are still available for products available on the newer sites so please.... Chat with us, Email us or Text us to ask.)
Personally Yours Gifts by TAG Designs
Personalized Bicycle License Plates
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